Thursday, April 12, 2012

Portion Control is in your Hands

The key to losing weight and getting healthier begins with portion control.  The amount of food given to us at restaurants is in sane.  It's no wonder we have a weight issue in our country.  No one should eat a mound of pasta at one sitting or a piece of steak 2" thick and half the size of a serving platter. 

So how do you figure out how much to eat of one thing?  Use your HANDS! 

This is a handy little chart to keep in mind. 

I've been teaching my daughters to read the side of the package to find out how much they should eat.  Instead of pouring half the package of pretzels into a baggie for a snack, they now count out how many they should have.  It's teaching them to see how much they really need for a snack and it's saving us money! 

Either of these two little charts would be great to print out and post on the refrigerator. 

This photo is from Photo Calorie, an app for your iPhone.  I haven't used the app, but it looks like it would really help with portion control.  

Now if you are really into sports - you may like this chart better.  

Any way you look at it, Americans need to control their portion sizes.  If you cut down on your portions, you will be healthier, thinner, and happier.  

If you'd like to join me on a great 90-day Challenge to control your portion sizes, contact me here

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