Tuesday, April 17, 2012

25 Must-Have People in Your Network

I learn most of my news from Facebook.  That could be scary, but it's true.  That doesn't mean that I believe all I find on Facebook though.  ;)

Today I found a link to a great article on Forbes.com about the 25 people you need to have in your network of friends

So I thought I'd share that with you here in case you didn't see it there.

Building a business can be hard.  But when you know the right people you can make the task simpler and more fun.  It's all about WHO you know, right?  You could know 10,000 people and they could all be under the age of 7.  They won't be very helpful to your business unless you own a school for kids under the age of 7.

5 Trailblazers.  These are people who have a business similar to yours and have been working longer and have had great success.  Learn from them.  Learn about their mistakes and their triumphs.  Learn how you can do what they are doing to get to where you want to be faster. 

5 Role Models.  These people have been very successful in their business, which may be completely different than your line of work.  Since what they do is different than you, they have a different take on things.  You can really learn new tips and tricks to help build your business by learning from people in other industry.  They're not competition, so using their techniques may be completely outside the box for your business.  This could put you on the fast track.   

5 Thought Leaders.  This group of people sees things differently than you.  If you ever get in a rut with your business, you can talk with these thought leaders to see if there is another angle to try.  Recently I met with someone and he suggested a great niche for me to follow.  I never would have thought of this niche on my own.  Since then, I've found several new customers in my new niche. 

5 Informants.  People love to share information with others.  This type of person is very knowledgeable in business and would love to help someone who's trying something new or may be stuck in their business.  Ask these information people lots of questions and you'll gain great insight in how to take your business to the next level. 

5 Cheerleaders.  We all need a fan club.  We need cheering when we succeed and need cheering and encouragement when we are down.  There's nothing better than a great friend to give great loving words and smiles when we're struggling.  This makes the dips in life seem less deep.

I encourage you to read the article on Forbes.com here

Now, sit down and make a list of 25 people, 5 in each category.  You may be surprised to find that you already have a great network of people.  Or you may need to go out and find a few more in some categories.  Either way, talk to your friends and network buddies.  They can help you.  You can help them.  Where do you fit in these categories?  How are you helping others?

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