Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ViSalus Rocks!

Last weekend I went to the ViSalus Regional Event in San Francisco.  What a great time! The room was packed with over 1,100 people!  Such great testimonials, stories, and training. These kinds of events are so necessary for the MLM business.  Connecting with others, sharing stories and getting training from the people who've been in the shoes of those just starting.  This is all such great motivation.

I drove up from San Diego with a group of people from southern California.  It's quite the drive (8 hours) but it was great to be in a van telling our stories and trading training tips.

This is my team.  What great friends and inspiring leaders! 

 So many people got FREE black BMWs! In fact, in February, ViSalus is expected to give away 1,000 BMWs!  Want one?

 My friend and mentor who just made 2 star Ambassador. 

 The leaders of this amazing company. 

What I took home from the event is that ANYONE can transform their bodies once they have decided to take the first step.  Also, I realized that ANYONE can do this business, help others to transform their bodies and get healthier, while helping others to succeed in the business.

In January 2012, 105,000 people joined the Body by Vi Challenge.  105,000 people made the decision to change their lives, lose weight, tone up, or just get healthier.

I met a new friend who has lost 50 lbs on her first 90 day Challenge.  She has just started her 2nd challenge and is already down 10 lbs.  That's 60 pounds!  What an amazing change already!

When I was at the event I noticed that I had to keep pulling my pants up.  When I got home and stepped on the scale, I was so excited and surprised to find out that I lost 2 more pounds! 

I am now at the weight I was before I had children.  I haven't weighed this amount in 9 years! 

The Challenge WORKS.  Want to join with me and see how fun and easy it is to lose weight and get your "old" body back?  Click here.

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